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Anna M. Kim M. Godfrey, 36, Machias, two counts allowing dog to be at large, dismissed. Ryan M. Edward B. Prentiss H. Zacharia W. Libis M. Frederick B. Shawn M. Edward R.

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Nicholas S. Timothy A. Aimee J. Michael J. Stephen James Kinghorn, 30, Steuben, domestic violence, assault, jail 48 hours. Geraldine I. Dennis Knox, 49, Bucksport, violating condition of release, jail five days. Raymond A. Douglas T. Lindsay, 48, Jonesport, operating vehicle while license suspended or revoked, dismissed. Wayne A. Brent S. Dexter E. Lyons, 60, Trescott Township, violating condition of release, jail 24 hours. Robert W. MacLeod Jr. Carolyn L. Dana J. Gerald M. Manning, 56, Dracut, Mass. Justin L. John P. Diana L. McCarthy, 52, St. Heather McHugh, 62, Seattle, Wash.

Albnert McLeod Sr. Bernard H. Shane R. Gordon Moores, 51, Machias, negotiating worthless instrument, unconditional discharge. Kenneth C. Morse, 22, Machias, violating condition of release, jail 48 hours. Ryan Scott Mortland, 28, Greenville, S. Patrick G. Kirby M. Michael E. Harry D. Newenham Jr. James L. Keith L. Richard L. Ryen cq. Brian D. John J. Ivey M. Perez, 20, Marion Township, domestic violence, assault, dismissed.

Mason A. Phillips, 40, Machias, criminal threatening, jail 48 hours. Adam Pjanic, 51, Hooksett, N. Pjanic cq. Stephen C. Cassandra L. Pamela Preston, 53, Machias, violating condition of release, dismissed; two counts violating condition of release, jail seven days each count. Ralph Goarcke, Punta Gorda, Fla. Randy G. David A. Kisi, Krishna Prasad Estimation of optimal productivity in labor-intensive construction operations.

Koehler-Cole, Katja Introducing green manures in an organic soybean — winter wheat — corn rotation: Effects on crop yields, soil nitrate, and weeds. Kok, Car Mun The family mealtime study: Parent socialization and context during and surrounding family mealtimes. Kolar, Carrie The role of Nebraska public elementary school principals in the preparation for state-wide testing: A mixed methods study.

Korus, Jesse T Planform asymmetry and stratigraphic variability of river delta deposits: Holocene examples and case studies of the Ferron Sandstone Cretaceous , Utah, U. Koten, Mark A Size-controlled, magnetic, and core-shell nanoparticles synthesized by inert-gas condensation. Kowalczuk, Jedrzej Robust and real-time stereo matching on parallel graphics hardware using gradient-based disparity refinement.

Koziol, Natalie A A comparison of population-averaged and cluster-specific approaches in the context of unequal probabilities of selection. Krienke, Brian Theodore Assessing factors influencing maize yield response to nitrogen using remote sensing technologies. Kubicek, Mitchell R Principals' use of classroom walkthrough observations to improve instruction: A grounded theory.

Kyasa, Shiva Kumar New methods for synthesis of organic peroxides and application of peroxide electrophiles to synthesis of functionalized ethers. Laib, Kristen Services for people with serious mental illness: The impact of national, state and local policy and practice. Lara, Adrian Using software-defined networking to improve campus, transport and future internet architectures. Larson, Levi An underestimated master: A critical analysis of Carl Czerny's eleven piano sonatas and his contribution to the genre.

Lazarowicz, Tony Alan Understanding the transition experience of community college transfer students to a 4-year university: Incorporating Schlossberg's Transition Theory into higher education. Lembeck, Paige Taylor Adolescent bullying: Do weight, body size, and body size dissatisfaction influence victimization? Levchenko, Yulia Viktorovna Great Britain and Russia translating each other: The role of literary translations in Anglo-Russian relations in the nineteenth century.

Liang, Dan Generalized ellipsometry analysis of anisotropic nanoporous media: Polymer-infiltrated nanocolumnar and inverse-column polymeric films. Liu, Yong Mechanics of nanofiber networks and yarns. Li, Wei Safety and operational analysis of mid-block segment lanewidth and intersection approach lanewidth in the urban Nebraska environment. Loughrist, Timothy D Reasons against belief: A theory of epistemic defeat. Lowndes, Bethany Rose Human factors and ergonomics in the minimally invasive surgical operating room: Evaluating workload and risk factors for musculoskeletal illness through simulation and in situ measurement.

Luan, Fulei Development of transgenic soybeans encoding major peanut allergens Ara h 2 or Ara h 6 as a model to evaluate potential matrix effects relative to the risk assessment of GM crops. Mack-Ouattara, Tabethah S Exploring the career development of African American women with a history of intimate partner violence: A phenomenological study. Mani, Nirajan A framework for estimating labor productivity frontiers.

Manning, Jana Krajciova Tracing Josef Suk's stylistic development in his piano works: A composer's personal journey from romanticism to Czech modernism. Marxhausen, Kim Teacher reaction to change in the Lutheran elementary school: A grounded theory approach. Maschmann, Brian One-to-one laptop initiative: Perceptions of teachers and administrators. Matsuda, Ryan Eiji Chromatographic analysis of drug-protein interactions during diabetes and characterization of human serum albumin through multidimensional mass spectrometry. McCammon, R. Christopher Re public an reasons: Toward a republican theory of legitimacy and justification.

McCormick, Carina Beyond passing rates: A closer examination of Advanced Placement exam access and success nationally and in urban and rural schools. McDonald, Damon One-to-one laptop initiative: Perceptions of teachers and administrators. McEntaffer, M. Jared The promise of worker training: New insights into the effects of government funded training programs. McFee, Renee M The role of vascular endothelial growth factor isoforms in dominant follicle development: Evaluation of case-studies versus laboratory exercises in a veterinary physiology course.

McNeil, Beth A phenomenological study exploring the leadership development experiences of academic research library leaders. Merliss, Jane E The quiet voice within: A phenomenological study exploring ethnic minorities' experience on their leadership journey. Miller, Debra Rena Tacit cultural knowledge: An instrumental qualitative case study of mixed methods research in South Africa.

Morehouse, Matthew Alan The influence of militant group structure and inter-militant competition upon the effectiveness of targeted killings. Morton, Kyla J Biochemical and proteomic profiling of maize endosperm texture and protein quality. Mousavi Rizi, Seyed Ehsan Airborne infection in healthcare environments: Implications to hospital corridor design. Najjar, Katherine M International doctoral students, their advising relationships and adaptation experiences: A qualitative study. Nkundineza, Celestin Influence of spatial variations of railroad track stiffness and material inclusions on fatigue life.

Nu'Man, Anisah Tame filling functions and closure properties. Oakland, Andrew P Avoidance as an explanatory mechanism for poor outcomes in treatment for substance use disorders. Olp, Landon N Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus transmission and infection among young Zambian children. Ort, Amy J Do pinyon jays engage in visual perspective taking? Mechanisms underlying behavior during food competition. Osborn, Sarah R. Faltin The development of language teaching beliefs: From theory to practice.

Oser, Haley Heather Producing quality barley for the malting industry. Ou, Gengxin Modeling surface water and groundwater interactions in agricultural areas. Padilla, Kevin Begcy Early seed development responses in cereals under environmental stresses. Parnell, Kenneth J The influence of a couple gratitude intervention on emotions, intimacy, and satisfaction in the relationship. Pesta, Anna C Dietary strategies for mitigation of methane production by growing and finishing cattle.

Petit Cunningham, Elizabeth A typology of mathematical moments in kindergarten classrooms. Pitchai, Krishnamoorthy A finite element method based microwave heat transfer modeling of frozen multi-component foods. Powers, Richard D Student and teacher attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of integrated inquiry-powered design-based STEM units. Prahlad, Janani Structural and biochemical studies of proteins implicated in oxidative stress. Prochaska, Travis Joseph Biochemical, physiological, and anatomical insights into aphid-bioenergy switchgrass interactions.

Pycior, Casey The spoils: Stories. Qi, Yong Properties of soil particle size fractions and their effects on fate and transport of hormones in soil environments. Quispe, Cristian F Expansion of the Chlorovirus genus by studies on virus natural history and Chlorella host metabolism. Rajput, Santosh Ghashiram Development and utilization of genomic resources for genetic improvement of proso millet Panicum miliaceum L. Reis, Tania Carlson Leadership traits of successful women university presidents: A qualitative study.

Ren, Lixin Parenting young children in contemporary Chinese society: A mixed methods study. Reynolds, Sara A Dynamics of interacting populations: Single-species models and evolutionary outcomes for cannibalistic spiders. Robicheaux, Timothy R Stress and eyewitness memory: Timing of stressor and association with cortisol stress responding. Roche, Kenneth James Canola: A modern crop for a modern era. Rosenthal, Malcolm F Mating in a variable world: The implications of environmental variation for male and female mating behavior.

Rose, Suzanne L A lipidomics approach to the viral-host dynamics of the unicellular, eukaryotic alga cChlorella variabilis and its viral pathogen, PBCV Ross, Joann M Making marital rape visible: A history of American legal and social movements criminalizing rape in marriage. Rossman, Nathan R Simulation of regional groundwater flow and the effects of future climate change on water resources in the Nebraska Sand Hills.

Roth, Zachary J Analysis of neuronal sequences using pairwise biases. Rudnick, Daran R Maize evapotranspiration, canopy and stomatal resistances, crop water productivity, and economic analysis for various nitrogen fertilizer rates under full irrigation, limited irrigation, and rainfed settings. Safa, Babak Simulating net ecosystem exchange, latent heat and sensible heat fluxes in rainfed and irrigated maize using artificial neural networks.

Saini, Nipun Characterization of inhibitors of fatty acid transport protein-2 in cell and animal models. Salinas Ruiz, Josafhat Optimal designs in genomic selection. Sallach, J. Brett Fate and transport of antibiotics in the agroecosystem: Uptake in the soil-plant system. Salvi, Silvina A The role of stress in understanding neurobiological, behavioral, and attentional mechanisms underlying comorbid smoking and excess weight. Schneider-Cline, Whitney The impact of a clinical writing workshop on graduate student performance, self-efficacy, and beliefs about clinical writing.

Schrage, Sheryl Ann Stevens A qualitative study of exercise behavior by the assisted living resident over the age of 65 in a midwestern retirement community: The role of barriers and facilitators. Schroder, Bret Allan The impact of a common approach to instruction within a Nebraska rural school district. Shafer, Daniel J Preservice teacher understanding and implementation of caring teaching-learning student relationships.

Shanks, Eric Hughes Political affect: An investigation of visual behavior and political attitudes. Shao, Bai Modeling and simulation of micro electrical discharge machining process. Sharma, Vivek Remote sensing approach for the assessment and quantification of evapotranspiration. Shepard, Bret Living as magnets. Shultis, Katharine Systems of parameters and the Cohen-Macaulay property. Sinley, Rachel C Exploring fruit and vegetable consumption among Native American toddlers: A mixed methods study. Skinner, Allison L Is prejudice contagious?

Examining how verbal and non-verbal messages influence the spread of bias. Stacy, Jennifer Leigh Partnerships through adult education: Re-conceptualizing family literacy in the new Latino diaspora. Stamm, Alexander B Variational formulation of macro-particle algorithms for studying electromagnetic plasmas. Stein, Aleksandra M Simulations of a new response-adaptive biased coin design. Stromberg, Zachary R Detection methods and intestinal adherence of non-O shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli. Sunderman, Barbara A study of pre-service teachers participating in Candidate Learning Communities: A mixed methods study.

Suwan, Pimsiree Effects of blanching on color, texture and sodium chloride content during storage time of frozen vegetable soybean modeling for commercial scale. Tharayil, Ashley Ann Essays on financial literacy and financial education. Thompson, Adam R Blame within reason. Todd-Meyer, Lois M Lest I forget: Case studies in listening to high school students struggling with academic literacy.

Trageser, Jeremy E Local and nonlocal models in thin-plate and bridge dynamics. Trindade, Federico J Essays on agricultural productivity and the environment. Tyler, Patrick M Agency leader perspectives on aftercare for youth departing group homes. Tyukhova, Yulia Discomfort glare from small, high luminance light sources in outdoor nighttime environments. Utah, Chigozirim Ifedapo Beyond corruption: Assessing the organizational potential in alternative discourses of struggle in Nigeria. Utter, Jeffery The double bass as a solo voice in flamenco music. Virdi, Kamaldeep Singh MutS homolog 1 mutant of arabidopsis integrates organellenuclear signaling to create a complex, stress-primed and epigenetic phenotype.

Wagler, Adam Developing an understanding of how college students experience interactive instructional technology: A UX perspective. Wagner, Jamie Frances An analysis of the effects of financial education on financial literacy and financial behaviors. Walters, Ryan W Mixed-effects location-scale models for conditionally normally distributed repeated-measures data. Wang, Yenan Peridynamic studies of interactions between stress waves and propagating cracks in brittle solids. Ward, Nicholas C Nitrogen and water effects on canopy sensor measurements for site-specific management of crops.

Warner, Jason M Production and economic efficiencies of intensified cow-calf production management systems. Warrior, Anitra M The emotional experience of American Indians receiving hemodialysis and how it relates to treatment adherence. Watanabe, Megumi Faculty parental status: An investigation of network homophily, marginalization, and supportive work-family academic culture.

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Weitzel, Derek Enabling distributed scientific computing on the campus. West, Tiffany Adolescent sexual abuse victims: Examining the heterogeneity of symptom presentation based on the bioecological model. Wijemanne, Prageeth Rukshan Secretion of heat-labile enterotoxin by porcine-origin enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli and relation to virulence. Wilken, Joshua C Elementary teacher attitudes toward including English language learners in general education classrooms. Williams, Amber S Navigation of first-generaton, low-income, first-year college students: A case study from one college access program.

Wilson, Peter M Chemical vapor deposition of graphene nanostructures. Witte, Amanda L Parent-teacher relationships across community types. Woradechjumroen, Denchai Soft-repair technique for solving inherent oversizing effect on multiple packaged air-conditioning units in commercial buildings. Wu, Qianru Atmospheric processes sustaining a multidecadal variation in reconstructed and model-simulated Indian monsoon precipitation during the past half millennium. Wu, Zifeng Measuring reliability in dynamic and stochastic transportation networks. Wylie, Lindsey E Who's to Blame?

Blame Attributions and Obesity-related Law and Policy. Xiao, Zhengguo Efficiency enhancement in solution processed organic and organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells. Yang, Fan Modeling the dynamic processes of challenge and recovery stress and strain over time. Yang, Junyi Influence of native and processed cereal grain fibers on gut health. Yang, Zheng Betti sequences over local rings and connected sums of Gorenstein rings. Yankech, James A Trust within higher education consortia: A phenomenological study of the experiences of directors and leaders.

Ye, Feng Smart grid communication infrastructures - Big data and network security. Zaev, Pance An annotated bibliography of selected solo and small chamber works for clarinet in the 20th and 21st century written by Macedonian composers. Zaitouna, Anita J Surface-based whole protein detection via electrochemical peptide-based sensors. Zangori, Laura Exploring 3rd-grade students' model-based explanations about plant growth and development. Zeleny, Tucker A new approach to modeling multivariate time series on multiple temporal scales.

Zeng, Jianwu Isolated multiport converters for renewable energy conversion and microgrids. Zhang, Ertong Bandwidth estimation for virtual networks. Zhang, Yuping Internalization of Salmonella in lettuce leaves after irrigation using recycled wastewater. Zhao, Baoliang A sensorless haptic interface for robotic minimally invasive surgery. Zhao, Mo A methodology for reliability-based traffic signals alternative power capacity design.

Zhao, Yi Biodegradable slashing agents from soy protein for textile industry. Zheng, Xiwei Analysis of free solute fractions and solute-protein interactions using ultrafast affinity extraction and affinity microcolumns. Zhou, Yunyun Nanostructured cerium oxide based catalysts: synthesis, physical properties, and catalytic performance.

Abdullan, Zunaibi B Exploring the evolution of design-build courses in architectural schools: A qualitative study. Abrahams, Teresa M Navigating a teacher's emotional geographies: A self-study of emotion in my teaching life. Amnuaycheewa, Plaimein Evaluating risks of celiac disease from dietary proteins using gluten sandwich ELISAs, a celiac peptide and protein database, and an ABeta degrees. NOD mouse model. Armwood, Catherine K Behavior of fiber reinforced mortar joints in masonry walls subjected to in-plane shear and out-of-plane bending.

Arrington, Jeff Daniel Creating 21st century classrooms: What district level instructional leaders know about leading 21st century learning. Bach, Roger Anthony Electron matter interferometry and the electron double-slit experiment. Barquero Hernandez, Esteban "Sinfonietta para arcos," Op. Barrett, Scott Taylor A quantitative analysis of the value-enhancing effects of nicotine, bupropion, and varenicline in male and female rats.

Bartels, Melissa Sue Population dynamics of Triticum mosaic virus in various host species. Bartlett, Lesley Erin Pedagogy in action: Teaching and writing as rhetorical performance. Bass, A. Erin Forms of corporate ownership and radical boundary spanning of multinational corporations: A multilevel study of the petroleum industry.

Bavougian, Christina M Groundcovers and mulches for sustainable vineyard floor management. Bejerano, Arleen R An examination of the role of social support, coping strategies, and individual characteristics in students' adaptation to college. Bellatorre, Anna Christine What you don't know can hurt you: Early life course racial health disparities in undiagnosed diabetes. Bergman, Crystal Jane Improving drought management for transboundary river basins in the United States through collaborative environmental planning.

Bergstrom, Haley C Physiological responses at the critical heart rate during treadmill running. Bhatnagar, Adrienne S Lifecycle efficiency of mice divergently selected for heat loss. Compliance and Voluntary Green Power Markets. Borman, Christopher John Managing threats to the urban forest: From Dutch elm disease to emerald ash borer — Learning from experience.

Bottoms, Hayden C Pathways to social functioning via emotion regulation in people with serious mental illness. Braaten, Norman O An examination of minimal risk human subjects research: Federal regulation and institutional practice. Brackins, Abigail Boundary value problems of nabla fractional difference equations. Bright, Brianna C Investigating the performance of asymptotic interval estimation and hypothesis testing methods for functions of binary and Poisson parameters. Brown, Marcia L Understanding the pursuit of higher education among active-duty military personnel in the face of deployment, using the lens of schlossberg's transition theory.

Buford, Kellie Wilson Policing sex and marriage in the American military: The court-martial and the construction of gender and sexual deviance, Burken, Dirk Benedict New approaches to corn silage use in beef cattle finishing diets. Bustamante, Carolina Professional Development on Web 2. Camara Teixeira, Daniel Strategies for isolation of DNA prone to biotin deficiency recombination, mitochondria-protein interaction detection and an anti-obesity screening targeting acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2.

Carlson, Mary Alice A qualitative study of responsive teaching in the primary mathematics classrooom. Carraher, James Results on edge-colored graphs and pancyclicity. Carraher, Joan M Students' perceptions of academic self-efficacy and selfregulation while learning in a laptop environment. Chavez, Sarah A This, like so much. Christensen, Kelly Scott Career academies: A holistic multiple-case study of the development and sustainability of high school-college partnerships in Nebraska.

Claassen, Elizabeth A A reduced bias method of estimating variance components in generalized linear mixed models. Collins, Adam Marlin The social-ecology from child maltreatment to dating violence: The impact of bullying. Collins, Timothy P Creatures of incoherence: Dissecting the drivers, history, and cognition of attitudinal incongruence in the American body politic. Cramer, Joshua R The essence of participating in a comprehensive family literacy program.

Criter, Robin Elaine Identifying fall risk in the audiology clinic. Crow, J. Cruikshank Vogt, Jaclyn Women who kill: Late twentieth-century American women writers rewriting mythologies of violence.

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Culross, Beth A A comparison of the self-perceived gerontological nurse competency of RNS in skilled nursing facilities. Dahlgren, Lizette A. P Mechanisms of differential toxicity between honey bee Apis mellifera L. Davis, Dawn L Fidelity of implementation, teacher perceptions and child outcomes of a literacy curriculum in a head start program: A mixed methods study.

Day, Frederick C Explaining the relationship between motivation, work satisfaction, and virtual team effectiveness: A mixed methods study. DeHart, Erin E Teaching multiculturalism: One educator's reflective journey in teaching with inquiry and transformation. DeVilbiss, Samantha E The transition experience: Understanding the transition from high school to college for conditionally-admitted students using the lens of Schlossberg's transition theory.

Diouf, Oumar Diogoye Pragmatic decolonial moves: African-Atlantic writers within a minor literature. Dooley, Kadie Students' perceptions of recess: An examination of predictors of peer conflict. Dotterer, Laura Jo Optimizing water use through management of spatiotemporal variation using site specific technologies. Dreiling, Joan Marie Asymmetric interactions between spin-polarized electrons and chiral molecules. England, William R Can analyzing spatial relationships through geographically weighted regression improve our understanding of low school attainment?

Eusebio Balcazar, Pamela Eliana The effects of limestone particle size on bone health and performance of pullets and hens in conventional cage and alternative housing systems. Fagan, Helen Abdali Soosan Psycap and the impact on the development of intercultural sensitivity development in healthcare educators: A mixed methods study. Fan, Lisha Diamond film deposition using laser-assisted combustion flames.

Fellers, Pamela S Value-added methodology for estimating professional development program effects. Friedow, Alison J Interdisciplinary pedagogy: An angle of approach. Gaskill, Martonia C Cheating in business online learning: Exploring students' motivation, current practices and possible solutions. Geng, Yunlong Microstructure and magnetic behavior studies of processing-controlled and composition-modified Fe-Ni and Mn-Al alloys. Gentzler, Kari C A stress process model of arrest among homeless women: Exploring risk and protective factors.

Georges, Leah C Procedural due process in modern problem-solving courts: An application of the asymmetric immune knowledge hypothesis. Gerashchenko, Maxim Redox regulation of protein translation in eukaryotes. Gibb, Connie L The coveted souls of oppressed persons. Godana, Getachew Dinku The rhetoric of community participation: NGOs' discourses and deliberative practices with communities in Ethiopia.

Grenseman, Gladys Annie Licona Advocating the strengthening of public high school theatre arts education: With a focus on our English learners and at-risk students. Guo, Wenhu Evolution of organellar genome architecture in seed plants: The role of intracellular gene transfer, recombination and mutation.

Guttieri, Mary Joy Breeding wheat for improved nutritional quality: Insights from a winter wheat association mapping panel. Gyawali, Sunil A new decision making approach for indirect left turn treatments by utilizing decision assistance curves. Hahn, Dana L The effects of feed additives, housing systems and stress on Salmonella shedding in single comb white and brown laying hens.

Hamilton, David W Faculty perceptions of developmental education delivery changes in Nebraska community colleges. Hamilton, Erika K Advertising "in these times:" How historical context influenced advertisements for Willa Cather's fiction. Hamm, Joseph Allan Understanding the role of trust in cooperation with natural resources institutions. Hardin, Jason A Algebraic properties of Ext-modules over complete intersections. Hart, Carl R On a combined adaptive tetrahedral tracing and edge diffraction model.

Hatami, Afshin Design of shear connectors for precast concrete decks in concrete girder bridges. Haymaker, Kathryn Combinatorial and algebraic coding techniques for flash memory storage. Hefley, Trevor J New statistical methods for analysis of historical data from wildlife populations. He, Huijing Two-dimensional scalar differential equations for transversely varying thickness modes in piezoelectric plates and applications in acoustic wave resonator sensors. Hein, Karen K Creating and using interactive presentations in distance education courses: A view from the instructor's chair.

Herstein, Kelli R An experimental analysis of the effects of ventilation, airflow and door configuration on the transmission of synthetic respiratory aerosols in a hospital. Hidalgo-Contreras, Juan Valente Incorporating causal structure among traits using a multitrait genomic selection index.

Hollman, Angela K Structures and relationships between the business executive and information technology executive at the university: A mixed methods study. Holman, Amanda How adolescents perceive their parents' communication about sex: Toward reducing adolescent sexual risk. Hossain, S. M Towards a sustainable modular robot system for planetary exploration.

Hubel, Grace Identifying risk for and preventing child maltreatment in Early Head Start families. Hudac, Caitlin M Emergence of theory of mind. Hyde, Annastasia S Structural characterization of human UDP-glucose dehydrogenase reveals novel insights into regulatory modes of the enzyme. Jaeger, Andrew J Hylomorphic composition: Simple substances and composite objects. Javorsky, Kristin H Digital print concepts: Conceptualizing a modern framework for measuring emerging knowledge.

Jedlicka, Joseph Evaluation of four biparental soybean populations for identification of seed oil QTL, cytoplasmic effects, and genotype x environment interactions. Jeronimo, Heather Forming fam other hood: Queer parenthood in 20th and 21st- century Spanish narrative and film. Jeutang, Noel Pavel N Two essays on stock repurchases and insider trading. Jiang, Xiujuan Structural, magnetic and microstructural studies of composition-modified Sm-Co ribbons.

Johnson, Jacob H The history of fraternities and sororities at Southern Utah university, Johnson, Jill M As though the ground were a long way down. Jones, Sarah Lynn Networking local-global advocacy: A rhetorical historiography of the international women's tribune centre Kahrobaee, Salman Reliability modeling and evaluation of distributed energy resources and smart power distribution systems. Kamarajugadda, Vedvyas Whole body biomechanics of vertical ladder climbing with varying rung separations. Kane, Cindy A place for scholarship in campus activities practice: A collective case study.

Karr, Darci L Attitudes and beliefs student teachers hold toward technology integration. Kasputis, Tadas Engineering substrates to enhance cell-material interactions and nonviral gene delivery. Kelsey, Kathleen M Impact of adverse childhood experiences on the neural correlates of inhibitory control and emotion regulation in young adulthood. Kennedy, Heather R The impact of marriage equality on well-being for members of married same-sex couples: A mixed methods approach.

Khachaturyan, Marianna Transboundary waters: Using game theory in theoretical and experimental studies to analyze the management of upstreamdownstream water problems. Kim, Jeehoon A study of social capital and its relationship with dwelling structure and environment based on an empirical analysis of Lincoln, Nebraska. Kim, Kyujang The impact of ISO implementation on sustainable supply chain management and competitive advantage. King, Brett A Coercive airpower in the precision age: The effects of precision guided munitions on air campaign duration. Kirchner, Janet Student experiences of the community college developmental writing classroom.

Kocak, Kyle Evaluation of iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans Glycine max. Koch, Shari L A portrait of a unique alternative education high school program. Kolbe, Thomas J Perceptions of professional supports and early career teacher attrition. Kroeker, Julia N Indoor and outdoor play in preschool programs: A mixed methods study. Kube, Christopher M Acoustoelastic scattering and attenuation in polycrystalline materials.

Kuhne, Philipp Julius Christian The optical Hall effect in three- and two-dimensional materials. Kuhn, Miriam E A mixed methods approach to examining the "Getting Ready" intervention for supporting young children with challenging behaviors. Kumssa, Tadele Tadesse Characterization of stem rust resistance in wheat cultivar gage. Kunkel, Donna Polarization phenomena in organic nanostructures. Kunkel, Marianne All the girls shout please. Kuttal, Sandeep Kaur Leveraging variation management to enhance end users' programming experience.

Larson, Janet L Secondary mathematics teachers' literacy professional learning: An amalgamation of adolescent literacy, mathematics teaching, and adult learning. Lawson, Ashley The self-representing muse: Autobiographical productions of women in artistic partnerships. Le, Anh Vietnamese international student repatriates: An exploratory study. Leavitt, Rose M Generational differences in work motivation of healthcare workers. Lee, Byungku The effects of doing better than others and doing better than usual: A longitudinal study of corporate social responsibility.

Lee, Jaewoong The interaction of nanoparticle titanium dioxide n-TiO 2 with organic wastewater contaminants OWCs : Mechanisms, stability, and transport. Lee, Matthew J Understanding high school students' experiences with multitouch digital texts. Lemmons, Tim M A phenomenological study of the lived experience of work productivity among non-tenure track agriculture-based extension faculty at a research-intensive Land-Grant university.

Litaker, Eric Thomas Studies of rubidium number density and polarization using spectrally-broadened diode lasers.

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Liu, Dandan From histone modification to gene repression: Epigenetic regulation by holocarboxylase synthetase-containing repression complex and fad-dependent lysine specific demethylase. Liu, Tongqing Distributed ultrasonic sensor system based on fiber ring lasers for acoustic emission detection. Liu, Xiaohui Ferroelectric polarization dependent interface effects. Lorensen, Marianne Telling our service-learning story: Instructor perspectives on service-learning in the leadership classroom. Lu, Yanbin Watershed and aquatic ecosystem evolution during the late-glacial and early-Holocene inferred from high-resolution diatom and geochemical records in the Yellowstone region.

Maldonado, Rosalita C Effects of alcohol intoxication and neurocognitive processing on intimate partner aggression. Mancini-Marshall, Amanda M A new approach to middle school reading intervention balancing self-determination and achievement. Marsteller, Nathan L Assessing the allergenic potential of food proteins in germ-free and conventional mice. Martin, Allysha Consuming women: Cultural subversion through consumption in late twentieth-century women writers' narratives in Latin America. Martin, Cassandra M Costs of female mating behavior in the variable field cricket, Gyllus lineaticeps.

Martinez, Miriam Marilu Executive control in Hispanic children: Considering linguistic and sociocultural factors. Martin, Timothy Michael Pharmacogenomics screening and pharmacokinetics modeling of the nonviral gene delivery system. Matthes, Joseph Michael A conceptualization and empirical examination of the effects of marketing alignment on franchising relationships. McAtee, Caitlin O Role of hyaluronan turnover in tumor cell motility and vesicle trafficking. Meints, Kenneth L The application of the kinesthetic learning theories of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze in conductor preparation coursework.

Miftari, Naser Dangerous liaisons: Democratization, press freedom and government influence. Mikeska, Jess Environmental management of threatening government public policy. Milkovic, Nicole Marie Structural and biophysical studies of the parkinsonism-associated protein DJ Miller, Lee Dee Cluster-based boundary of use for selective improvement to supervised learning. Milosevic, Ivana Understanding adaptive culture: Exploring the role of symbols in the emergence of innovative solutions in a marketing firm.

Miwa, Kentaro Natural history, phylogenetic relationships, and pest potential of Colaspis Fabricius species Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae in Nebraska. Mohebbi, Amin Turbulent circular culvert flow: Implications to fish passage design.

grotrituatenri.cf Moody, Trey Thought That Nature. Munoz, Maria V Examining the relationship between school counselors' leadership styles and their counseling activities. Murphy, Richard E Vets in the classroom: The relationship between teacher accommodative and non-accommodative behaviors on Military Veteran Students' perception of learning.

Mu, Sai First-principles study of magnetoelectric materials. Najafi Kianfar, Nima Motivations for Yesterday. Narain, Ralph B Effects of ethanol, ibuprofen and caffeine on the biology and fitness of bed bug Cimex lectularius L. Nazarian, Ehsan Managing task processing time variations in manufacturing systems. Nguyen, Chieu Van Opto-electronic devices with nanoparticles and their assemblies. Nyikos, Daniel Arpad While the world wasn't watching.

Ohl, Jessy Jasson Rhetoric, aesthetics, and power in the age of light war. Oh, Phaik Lyn Host-microbe symbiosis : Evolution of a vertebrate symbiont lactobacillus reuteri. Okalebo, Jane Asiyo Decision support tools to address climate change: Climate model - land surface models, Zea mays l. Oleson, Wendy E Small things bright and dark: A novella and stories. Ong, Jason Kee Yang Directed self-assembly of nanoparticle array: A single electron device platform to make novel systems.

Ordonez Rodriguez, Rebeca Analysis of performance issues in Sonata no. Panigrahi, Kaushik New stereocontrolled routes into functionalized fluorinated phosphonates: Discovery of an exceptionally facile thiono-claisen rearrangement. Papkov, Dimitry Size effects in continuous polyacrylonitrile-based polymer, composite, and carbon nanofibers. Paterson, Ted A The institutional logics of rigor and relevance: An analysis of the rigor-relevance relationship and its impact on management research legitimacy. Pei, Pei Well-posedness and stability of a semilinear mindlin-timoshenko plate model. Peng, Zhao Ellen Designing acoustics for linguistically diverse classrooms: Effects of background noise, reverberation and talker foreign accent on speech comprehension by native and non-native English-speaking listeners.

Pesendorfer, Mario Benjamin Scatter-hoarding of acorns by island scrub-jays. Pfaunmiller, Erika L Development of novel monoliths and affinity microcolumns for use in high performance affinity chromatography and pharmaceutical applications. Pi, Liangwen Potential barrier effects in multiphoton ionization processes and intense laser acceleration of electrons in highly charged ions.

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Purandare, Swapna R Investigations into sensory ecology and gene evolution of the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum. Quintero-Villegas, Maria Isabel Non-digestible oligosaccharides: Anti-adherence and other biological properties. Ramirez Ramirez, Hugo Alonso Dietary factors that induce milk fat depression in dairy cows consuming dried distillers grains with solubles.

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