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California does not have a statewide criminal record databases. Each California court at the city or county level also has its own unique way of recording criminal records and allowing the public access to them.

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We will not use short cuts or gimmicks when conducting your California background investigation. If you are attempting to find cheap instant online results, ASG is not the company to suit your needs. Our investigations are crafted with not only your end goal, but with industry best practices in mind to ensure that you are being provided the correct product.

Many online instant vendors do not even provide a phone number; at ASG you may contact a trained professional at any time to discuss the details of your California background check. We provide our California background checks for California employers, attorneys and private individuals alike. What we at A.

We do not rely on databases alone for the simple reason that, in a state like California, much of the real information you need comes from sources like people, not computers. Our investigators can hit the streets, talk to sources in California and elsewhere to get you the most reliable information available. Something else to remember is that people move multiple times in their life, some moving from state to state.

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As ASG, we know where people have lived and in what other locations we should be looking for additional records. Please feel free to visit our services page to learn more about some of the other searches we offer.

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