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These checks will not show any arrest records, court documents, or other public records. This check will likely include court records, arrest records including mugshots, charging information, and can also include financial records and driving records. Washington restricts basic criminal history search results to convictions only. A fingerprint-based background check will include all public criminal records. Washington restricts who may access the information contained in a fingerprint-based background check to law enforcement and attorney use. Some public and private employers in Washington may require fingerprint-based background checks.

Washington makes most court records public information. The Washington courts provide online and in person access to records. The documents retained by the court can be viewed in person or requested online or by mail. There is a fee for the production of copies. Court records can include civil and criminal charges, marriage and divorce records, bankruptcy fillings, and restraining orders. The laws in Washington prevent access to many criminal records. Generally, only convictions within the past seven years will be included on state name-based background checks.

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Errors of information on a background check can be corrected by contacting the Washington State Police. Washington residents who have completed sentencing and have not reoffended may have the right to have charges expunged. An expunged record in Washington is treated as though the conviction never occurred. Washington Background Checks Background checks can be an excellent source of information about the character and background of residents of Washington.

Unofficial background checks are not for use in making employment decisions or giving a loan, but they can be useful for finding out about: Neighbors Family Friends Enemies Love Interests The Girl at the Coffee Shop Washington has very specific rules about how background checks can be used and who is required to undergo background checks for criminal offenses, driving history, and credit checks.

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Washington has very detailed rules about how government records are to be created, retained, and made available to the public. The Washington Public Records Act describes the roles of each agency of the state government. Washington has detailed laws restricting the use of background checks. Washington is a ban the box state and prevents all employers of more than four employees from asking about convictions or arrests until the first interview. Employers only can view ten years of history. Employers may only ask about convictions less than ten years old that bear on the responsibility of the job.

Washington provides extensive guidance to prospective applicants and employers on the use of background check information. Generally, the state follows the 7 year limit for background information. Employers are not permitted to ask about sealed, vacated, or expunged cases.

Vacated cases are as though they never happened, except that court records associated with the case will still remain in the public access availability and may be reported on a background check, minus the conviction. Employers must tread carefully when dealing with situations such as this, as a denial of employment can quickly be considered discrimination. Firearm Background Checks Washington. Larceny-theft rates in Washington.

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The town of about 20, residents swells each day due to dense retail developments and the nearby Seattle airport, bringing many opportunities for those with criminal intent. Tukwila recorded property crimes per 1, people in , as well as 7. Property Crime Statistics in Washington. Washington logs identity theft complaints per , residents, with its 7. If the criminal has a record of previous thefts or other crimes, if the card was stolen in a violent robbery, or the amount charged or stolen is high all add weight to a higher-level felony charge with more potential jail time.

Felony Sentencing in Washington. Convicted felons face a tougher time in many aspects of life, whether qualifying for a loan, getting a job, obtaining a professional license, or joining the armed services. Financial and Civil Reports. These reports contain records of employment, loans, credit card accounts, residency, bankruptcies, and other information that could impact a decision to invest trust in an applicant. The records could also provide signs of potential identity theft, such as another person getting loans or opening other credit card accounts in your name.

Request a copy of your report to check it for accuracy. Driving Records. Your driving record reflects any moving violations, license suspensions, DUIs, tickets, and other auto-related issues, including those that took place out of state. Different versions of the information are available according to the authority seeking the information but generally a 3-year record is released unless a law enforcement agency is the requestor. Sophie is a passionate blogger. Being in love with writing her whole life, she started her Free Background Checks blog as a way to shed light and give knowledge on many major social issues and make a difference with her word.

The blog was born out of a pure desire to share and connect. Table of Contents 1 Washington Background Checks 1. Are Public Criminal Records included in a background check? Which Court Records are Public in Washington? The Uniform Criminal Extradition Act allows for the arrest extradition of an individual in any state who is accused of a crime, with a penalty of at least one year in jail. Extradition is typically most common in felony cases, such as murder.

Someone facing extradition to another state will have the opportunity to have a court hearing, which is referred to as an extradition hearing. It is possible to address an arrest warrant on your own by turning yourself in, or fulfilling the requirements, such as paying owed child support.

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However, the process is complicated, and out of state arrest warrants can be particularly confusing. You could face jail time, depending on the circumstances of the case, mainly what the arrest is for. A skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will help ensure you understand the process, as well as all applicable laws, and will represent you during the many court hearings involved.

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