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Find a Tradesman that you can trust from your local area with our partners at Checkatrade. Find an Estate Agent in your local area and review how successful they are at selling homes. Local Authority searches are an essential part of the home buying process. The information they reveal can be use to renegotiate your offer and may even make you pull out of the purchase. They are also required by mortgage lenders.

But what do local searches include, how long do they take and how much do they cost? Here's everything you need to know.

These can include whether the property is:. The form also covers planning agreements and conditional planning permissions.

How long do Conveyancing Searches take?

All LLC1 registrations are legally binding on successive owners. The second part of the search — the CON29 — supplies information relating to public highways , proposals for new roads , rail schemes or planning decisions that could affect the property, as well as outstanding statutory notices, breaches of planning or building regulations or the existence of a compulsory purchase order.

Environmental factors, such as whether the house stands on contaminated land or in a Radon gas affected area are also covered. When you sell your property, your title ownership is transferred to the buyer. That party will receive a copy of the new title a few weeks after closing, indicating that they now own the property and you no longer have any claim to it.

How Much Land do You Really Own Above and Below Your Property?

The title that you hold is now invalid. Loss of your title is no reason to panic.

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If you have a mortgage on the property, your mortgage banker should also have a copy on file. For a first time homebuyer, a title search is often just one more new task in the unfamiliar and possibly confusing process. If any title issues arise, it can cause stress and anxiety. Stay calm.

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Javascript is not enabled in your web browser. If JavaScript is disabled, some of the functionality on our website will not work. Search Discover. Purchasing Title Insurance Once you are under contract on a house, one of the first things you will do is buy title insurance. Prior Claim to the Title A title investigator looks for any claims to the title that may affect your purchase.

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