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Criminal records are somewhat easy to track, though it varies by state. There are so many more great sites for public records. Here are a few more of my favorites:. This list is by no means conclusive. Got a favorite public records search site?

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Please share in the comments. Subscribe to her feature series Technophilia using the Technophilia feed. The A. Wendy Boswell. As you can see from the varied example images, these records are in multiple formats, with the data layout changing about once a decade. Some of the records give the exact dates of the marriage, some have the date the license was applied for, some have the month and the year but not the day, and some just have the year. To make things even more confusing, the state has used at least two different sets of locality codes over the years. One more thing: this record set runs all the way up through That means that this is the very first public or genealogical marriage database anywhere that includes same-sex couples!

In New Jersey, the government started legally recognizing same sex-marriages in September And one more thing to note about the portion of the marriage index: that data spans across two pages, not just one. See that layout below? So, how did we get years of New Jersey records? Well, in this case we all owe a huge debt to a mild-mannered genealogist who, probably much like you, was just totally fed up with the government wrongly withholding records from the public.

But rather than just being frustrated, he decided to do something about it.

This is a story about how one genealogist can make a difference. He may look young, but Alec Ferretti been a serious genealogist for more than a decade. In this photo, we catch a rare glimpse of the genealogist in his native environment amongst the microfilms at the NYC Municipal Archives. Alec was inspired by our work at Reclaim The Records using Freedom of Information laws to force government archives and agencies to release copies of important archival documents back to the public. In fact, Alec was so inspired that he decided to launch his own public records requests!

Unfortunately, far too many states have some or all of these indices unavailable to researchers. Most states have strict rules about who can access vital records and when, and how, and how much it will cost per copy , but most states forgot to explicitly restrict the index or finding aid to those same records.

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New Jersey is one of those states. Alec realized that while the actual text of the state vital records law seals the marriage certificates as private, it also directs the state to create an index to all marriages, for all counties that have a population more than five thousand people. Well, in New Jersey, every county has a population above five thousand people!

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In other words, Alec had just figured out that the New Jersey marriage index was always supposed to have been a public record! But they denied his request. So Alec turned to the New Jersey Government Records Council the GRC and asked them for an Advisory Opinion about the matter, which is a non-binding but very helpful ruling on some of the facts of the case.

But there was a catch: the backlog of cases meant that it might take up to a year before they heard his case, unless he wanted to file a motion in the New Jersey Supreme Court. Either way he was going to need help, both legally and financially.

Could we set him up with an attorney for either mediation or help him move the case to court? So we set up phone calls with Alec, and phone calls with our attorneys. And amongst our Board of Directors we discussed the situation and decided to set aside money and time to fight for these records in mediation and in court, if need be.

They attempted to set a mediation date for late August or early September, This was a little bit intimidating, but we were still prepared to go to court if we had to.

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