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Focussing simply on purchase price when you buy a new car might mask the possibility that a more expensive car with good residuals could cost you less in the long run than a cheaper car the value of which drops like a stone. Depreciation is also affected by model replacement cycles so a brand new model may depreciate more slowly than one on the way out, shortly to be replaced by a newer version. A long waiting list is a sign that demand exceeds supply - depreciation might be lower as a result.

Check price guides or used car listing sites to get an idea of how much the car you're thinking about buying today might be worth at the age and rough mileage you plan to replace it. Nearly new Depreciation slows as the car gets older so you may find that a nearly new car one to two years old is better value than a brand—new one.

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If your annual mileage is low then a high mileage ex-fleet car could be a good buy. You get the benefit of higher depreciation when you buy but the total mileage might be closer to average for its age by the time you come to sell. Five—year—old car Buying a five—year—old car may be an even better option. You won't get the latest features, but it won't lose so much in value. And you won't be shelling out so much each month on interest to repay a loan. But it's only better value if your mileage is low — under 10, miles a year.

Your repair and maintenance bill will be higher and less predictable the older your car is and these costs will increase as your mileage goes up. There are various groups that are starting to offer more specific evaluation-type services online, and although they are slowly making headway for consumers and car dealers , a physical inspection is still necessary. There are a few other factors that will vary dealer to dealer. The value of your vehicle decreases over time. Two things that will accelerate depreciation is the mileage it racks up and any wear and tear it accumulates.


To maximize trade-in value, some dealers recommend trading your vehicle in before it reaches , kilometres. But if you look after your vehicle, you don't have to worry about reaching this milestone too much. If you do decide to trade in your vehicle to a dealership, choose late winter as you may be in a better position to negotiate. How come? New car models come out in spring and summer. Late winter is when the dealers want to clear their lots prior to make way for the new cars and will offer the generous discounts on the older but still brand new models.

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Choosing this time of year to buy a new car and trade in your old vehicle will help you get a better deal. Online car assessment tools available to anyone which means car dealers have access to the same information you do.

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But dealers have their own options and goals to reach, and because those considerations vary from dealership to dealership, you may be surprised to find very different offers for your car. The car dealer will be looking to give you just enough to be able to sell your car with a reasonable profit margin.

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To do that, the car dealer is likely to max out at a wholesale price for your car, in the hope of selling it at a higher retail price. Many car owners feel that selling their own used car is a good option. While this might provide you with a decent sale price, there are zero guarantees. Will you have the time to haggle until you get the best possible price from someone who may disagree with your estimation of the car's value?

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Manheim is a trusted website as it offers older car values for vehicles in poor, fair, good, and excellent condition. It always pays to do your homework.

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