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I leased to own a truck. Sept of last year was the last time they reported to my credit.

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I called the sales department about this. They told me they have been reporting every month. I filed a dispute with trans union and in 3 days the loan disappeared from my credit as if it never existed. Is that normal. You will typically see a repossession show on your credit reports if you voluntary surrender a vehicle. After auction you will most likely owe a deficiency balance. I read your comment to say that the truck loan was showing as a positive on your credit reports and that you disputed it and TransUnion deleted.

It is not normal to dispute a positive item, and while TransUnion may have removed it, that could just be temporary. Old Verizon Bill sold to pinnacle original in or still on my credit with pinnacle offering me settlement letters date on credit report say Oct … this is only debt on my credit report.. I recently had a negative item removed from my credit report on dates between July 20 and July 27 of the collection agency was challenged a dispute bye Lexington Law the same week month year the negative item was again replaced on my credit report as a negative item in collection.

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Credit repair companies often have some success with removals only to have the items pop back on. It tends to mean the furnisher bank or debt collector pulled your file together to report correctly. In a matter of weeks after selling my car the new owner lost the car to a towing company due to the car sat in the same spot for too long.

The new owner never put the title in his name and the towing company ended up sending the bill to me through a collection company, Noll Collection Service. I went a copy of my bill of sale to this collection company and they told me that the bill of sale was not enough to prove that I sold the car to someone else.

So this collection has been on my report since Feb 3rd They have since stopped calling me and sending me letters but it appears they are still updating it through my credit report monthly.

The Meaning of “Derogatory Public Record” | Experian

Will this automatically fall off my report at the 7. Or will it continually stay on my report since they continue to update it monthly? Generally, negative accounts drop off your credit 7 and one half years after you stop paying, or in this case, the debt began on the first day it was towed. But this does not appear to be your debt. I would file a complaint against the debt collection company with the CFPB. Read that article and follow through to the links to file the complaint and get this resolved that way.

You might even file a credit reporting complaint too if you have already tried to dispute the debt as not yours with the credit bureaus. I do not have the funds for this seeing as I just had a baby and am not working right now so I went to look and see when they are supposed to drop off. I am in Washington state and I read that they only have 6 years to sue me for the debt. Seeing as it will be 6 years in a few days does that mean that unless they have a judgement against me within the next couple days that I will not be sued for that debt?

The SOL to sue typically goes by date they file. If you see not case in the court record now, it is highly unlikely the collection agency would wait until the last 3 days to file. Are you certain you never made a payment after that? This specific collection on your credit report may only have 18 months left before it drops off. Are there other collections on your credit too? A debt I owe is dated back to but on my credit report it says Nov How is that aloud? Can I dispute it or should I just pay it off?

What type of account is it? How much is it for? What credit goal do you have that is motivating the look at improving your credit? It recently showed back up and I have not done anything with the company or the collection agencies. I may have to drop out of school. I think my loan got sold to a new company does that mean its activity is current again? I live in Oregon and it is past the point they can sue. Items appearing on your credit reports — that are too old to — can and should be disputed off. What you described is unfortunately all too common when accounts are resold.

Who is it that is now reporting the debt? File disputes with the credit reporting agencies on line or in writing. You are disputing the account as an error in that it is too old to show on your credit reports. The credit bureaus have up to 30 days to investigate your dispute. If they come back saying the account is verified, and you know for a fact that it is more than 7. File a credit reporting complaint with the CFPB.

The CFPB has regulatory purview over the credit bureaus and many debt collectors. Your complaint will often be seen by employees at the credit bureaus and debt collectors that have an increased amount of training and ability to make corrections. I am seeing a couple of week turn around on responses to CFPB complaints. Because your situation could prevent your loan for school going through, and if it were me in your shoes, I would skip the first option and go right to the CFPB complaint portal. I would spell everything out in chronology about when you stopped paying the original creditor, they are no longer on your credit reports, this new debt owner is etc.

Something appearing on your credit reports will have no impact on your state SOL and how long they have to legitimately sue you in court to collect. If they think, or were given information at purchase, that you last paid in , you will be changing their view with your disputes or complaints. If you want to escalate this at anytime let me know. We are in California and I know he cannot be sued for this debt anymore.

Would you recommend disputing this? Since Capital One does not report to the bureaus, how could we verify the first missed payment date for the Portfolio Recovery collection? For no. When we stop paying on a credit card like Home Depot, most of us do a hard stop. I mean we stop paying and do not make additional payments.

That makes the date to calculate when something will drop off our credit reports easier. There are many who will miss a payment or three, and then make one or two, and then stop again. But that does not impact credit reporting longevity unless we bring the account completely current. That would mean all missed payments, penalties and fees, all get paid up to date. Credit reporting for credit cards gets a bit wonky when this happens. Can you determine when all payments stopped, and whether any accounts were brought completely current if payments were intermittent?

I would only recommend disputing the one month difference that Midland Funding is showing if you are colse to that date and needed it off 30 days early for some reason, otherwise it serves no purpose to dispute a 30 day window. With the Capital One and PRA situation, can you look up old bank records to show when payments were last sent in?

If you do not have physical statements you can often get your bank to go into archives for a few dollars and get old statements if they still have them. If you settle the collections they will still fall off on schedule. There is no extra life that gets breathed into them from the settlement or pay off. The hard stop makes sense. I just found it strange that Best Buy closed the account in January but they still recorded a payment in December I was hoping we could argue that the account was closed in because he was already in default and the clock could start there.

Either way, it seems like we may need to simply pay it if the mortgage company says we should when we apply for the loan. It is better to settle an old debt before you apply for any new loans. I now know why I have never received any correspondence regarding these cards from the issuing company nor the collection agencies for they were more than likely using the addresses and phone numbers that corresponded with the application not to mention the checks that kept the accounts current until just recently.

Is there the possibility of restitution? You can notify all of the collectors you listed directly and submit the ID theft concerns to them, follow the steps they request, and get things removed that way too. I pays to keep records of past credit cards and such. Thus the originator of the issuing the cards; the collection agencies now holding the outstanding debt and the credit reporting agencies have a lot of errors. The place of residence for the time period shows me living in three different places ranging from Northern Calif to Southern. It also lists phone numbers and addresses I have never had as well as a current employer that I have never heard of.

So how do I go about things from here. In fact the charge off amount reported by HSBC is considerably less the the amount stated by each of the collection agencies. Raising 2 kids from ages 1 and 3 all of which cost me everything house, credit cards, stocks, car as well as nearly k in attorney fees.

Which is why i let such a great deal of time pass without any credit cards such that time would take care of most of the debts. Now I just need to repair the credit report. Most of whats left has not been used for nearly 15 years so how do I do away with the remainder. So far I am fairly positive that there has been no judgements on the remaining accouts. I have not filed any disputes at this time as I want to make sure I follow that fine line between getting the negative remarks removed rather than poking the hibernating bear.

How to Get Free Real Estate Foreclosure Leads from Public Records

If the date you last paid on any of these accounts has been more than 7 and one half years I would look to dispute them with the agencies themselves and the credit bureaus. If they come back as verified, yet you can show that the 7 years has passed, let me know. Yes, it is pretty common to have things appear on your credit reports at different times. Much of that will be due to the furnishers of the information, and not necessarily the credit bureaus. Hi, I have a question- I have an old debt that is way old, over 10 yrs, but I had moved a few times and i never got any mail regarding this, but now I am having wages garnished….

I KNOW I have other things that are in the past, but dont know how to address them now- I thought that once it was off your credit report, the charges disappear. Wages being garnished mean that you were sued and a judgment entered in the court. Find out what court the judgment was issued in and post an update with when it was filed, what address they say you were served at and whether you lived there at the time, how much the judgment is for.

Here are some of my questions. If the CC that are about to fall off have sold to a collection company that has been after me and has already taken me to court but has been unsuccessful due to my income. Will the collection Company 1 stop and 2 fall off my report as well? If some collection companies have fallen off my report and the CC as well and someone calls for payment is it really ness to pay them?

I guess my question is once this 7yrs mark hits what is actually going to happen with accounts in collections and not and my Credit Report. I am trying to fix it and this is my year to do it. The collection company with a judgment is not likely to stop trying to collect. The original credit reporting will generally age off your credit reports 7 and one half years from when you stopped making payments.

There is likely an additional derogatory on your credit from the judgment public record section. The judgment will not fall off until 7 years from when it was entered in the court. Once a judgment falls off your credit it does not mean the collectors stop trying to get paid. You will not be able to settle and get the judgment off your credit. It is not necessary to pay a debt collector if the debt is too old to stay on your credit, but that is not the case if the debt collector is calling about a judgment. If a debt was established in , can a debt collector wait until to put it on your credit report?

Can you be more specific? What do you mean by established? What type of debt is it? Were there ever payments made toward the debt, and if so when did payments stop? It just appeared on my credit report from last month with a date of I adkef for proof that the debt was mine. She said she had no info, as thedebt had been sold to a collections agency and I need to call them.

I would call CMI and learn what I could. Let me know what you find out. You may need to dispute this with the credit bureaus, and take other steps. I was told I had to send a letter saying I never had the service in order for the debt to be researched. What do you say about that? It would appear the Qwest account is something you could try to dispute off with the bureaus, or that is going to come off this year as it is. The cable bill has legs if it is showing on your credit report correctly as have last been paid in could be on until sometime in or early How does one handle when a creditor continues to extend the date when the item should fall off the credit report?

My case is very cumbersome, but they winded up filing suit and I actually won, but my main concern is that these particulars have destroyed my credit for years. Although I have disputed the debt in the past and now won a law suit basically stating the debt is not valid, it still shows in my report and the date on my credit report keeps getting extended on when it will fall off the report.

Not to mention it is duplicated multiple times. For years I have just tried to wait it out thinking it would fall off on so and so date, only to find out it has been extended again second time I feel trapped! Post more particulars. When did you stop paying the creditor? Did the judge in your case say the debt is not valid, or was the case dismissed for deficiencies? Of the multiple credit report entries, who is showing a balance currently owing? What credit or finance goals is this holding you back from accomplishing? I am from California.

Credit Report Question: If items on your credit report have been removed from one credit agency but are still showing up on another credit agency are you liable to pay those debts? I have 3 debts that have been removed from equifax, but they show up under transunion. Some have not been 7 years yet, What do I do?

Thank you,. The debts do not go away legally once they are dropped from your credit reports. These debts exist and can be collected on… forever really. What are the collections account the result of credit card, medical bill, etc? Your state has a statute of limitations for how long you can legitimately be sued for different types of debt.

Once that time passes, the debt collectors can bark, but not bite sue you. If they do, your defense is simple and often swift. After your state SOL to sue, there is the limits for how long accurate negatives stay on your credit reports. Once that time passes, you can still be contacted for the debts by collectors. You can ignore those contacts, and even tell them you do not want to be contacted any longer. If your accounts are not yet 7 and one half years from when you stopped your payments, you typically are looking to wait out the time until they do drop off.

If Equifax systems decided to drop the negatives earlier than the other 2, and if the other 2 are legitimately supposed to be there a little longer, you may just need to wait things out. I have two collections on my credit report from Should I go ahead and pay or wait until they come off? What are the probabilities that I can request a pay for delete?

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  4. When I checked in the Transunion report said it will come off my report around March , which at this moment seem like a long time. Recently I checked my report on credit karma and it shows that the collection was opened in , where in fact they both were in , now making it stay longer on my report. What would be the best thing for me to do at the moment? Should I pay, dispute the date, or wait till it comes off?

    The two collection agencies are Pinnacle Credit Services cell phone who made mailed me a settlement letter last year and Convergent Outsourcing Cable Provider. Thank you for your time and guidance! Utility companies are one of the few debts I suggest trying pay for delete with. But Cable providers and cell phone services may not play ball. Neither Pinnacle Credit Services , nor Convergent Outsourcing , are good targets to get to delete collections in return for payment. I do recommend resolving those collections so that they get updated to show you took care of them on your credit reports.

    They will fall off your reports based on the dates you stopped paying them, and not the newer dates the collection agencies use. Keep a copy of the credit reports you have today. They could come in handy for the disputes you may later file. You may want to check out my article about renting an apartment with bad credit.

    Hi, so I was wondering about a couple things on my credit report. I have two accounts in collections one is a U. My big reason is how do I get these collections off my report or how long will it take to fall off. All I hear is collection items and not enough years of accounts open. I would look to resolve the cell phone bill and get it updated to show as such on your credit reports. I would dispute the medical bill as paid with the credit bureaus and see what comes of it. Do you recall when you walked into the office and paid cash, and who it was that helped you?

    Makes some notes of all that in case you need to do something more. You might want to try getting a secured credit card to start. It is still showing up and being sent to collection agency after collection agency. How do I get that to stop? Also, I had a credit card with BOA.

    They then filed a C. I countered with form and was declared insolvent. How can they still be claiming the account as being open and delinquent on my credit report? Again, what can I do to get this taken care of. A debt does not extinguish once the SOL to sue and show on your credit reports expires. It can still be collected. If you want to stop hearing from debt collectors on those really old accounts you will want to send a cease communication letter, and will have to repeat that to each new debt collector. Use certified mail to send letters and keep a copy for your records.

    The credit card with BofA that did not get paid will typically stay on your credit report for 7 and one half years from when you stopped paying. That is normal. You really cannot get it off earlier. I had a bank account i believe when i was 17 or 18 years old. I had over drafted the account and never paid anything as a irresponsible young adult..

    Now at the age of 26 and trying to get my credit together i have had this debt in collections. I live in Washington state. If it has been over the 7 and a half years what would be my best options? What would be the best option for me to pursue at this point? Any info helps, Thanks! Are you having any trouble opening bank accounts? Is the collection still appearing on your credit reports? What is the name of the collection agency trying to make a deal with you?

    Correct, only it is normal for your Chase account and the debt collector to fall off your credit after 7 and 1 half years, and not just 7, from the date your payments stopped. I have recently applied for a mortgage and although I got approved, I have a collection that appeared when my credit was checked. It appears to be a charge for a library book that I incurred just about 7 years ago March and the collection agency is Unique Collections. My loan officer said she recommended I take care of the balance through the collection agency, but I was under the impression that after 7 years it will no longer be on my credit report.

    Thank you for your help! Is it possible to have your mail id or number so that I can give more details. Need your guidance. Thanks much. My email address is the same one you get comment notifications from. Hi Mike I had a good credit history from to in CA. In I was laid off and since I was on h1b I had to leave the country. Now the company for which I am working is ready to offer employment in USA but I do have the following questions.

    Please help taking right decision.

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    Will the debt create any problem in leasing apartment or car etc. Will there be any summons or notices from any one as SOL of 4 years is already passed? How can I check my credit report as I am living outside US? Is it OK to start living all over again? An old unpaid debt can cause issues with renting an apartment. Do you have a set date that you are planning to move back? It can depend on who the debt collector is, but generally no, you would not have to be overly concerned with debt collectors being aggressive with a debt this old.

    They will have figured the debt is passed the SOL. If you know the name of the current debt collector, or debt owner, post an update and I may have more feedback. We are planning to move around first week of April. Will my credit report be clean right after seven years. If this is the case still renting be a problem? Please advice. Negatives stuff like you have on your credit can often stay on for 7 and a half years. You could have difficulty because of this. Read the article I linked to in my prior comment about renting a home or apartment with bad credit.

    When it comes to collections, I had one debt same creditor and amount which had been handed off twice to its final resting place with ERC, with whom I settled. I filed a dispute with TU to clear the redundant information and update the balance to zero, and they indicated they would investigate and let me know within 30 days. I even received an email link to log in and check the status of the resolution 1 of 3 items resolved is the type of information you get, no specifics until everything else is taken care of.

    The other collection agencies for with whom I settled have removed their entries from Experian and Equifax, so they are gone, despite not being scheduled to age off until I was not told when settling they would be deleting the entries, and I am certainly not complaining! I am not sure what happened with TransUnion. Are you still waiting for the investigation to complete? Things appear to be moving along nicely!

    Thanks for posting Jason. The details of your situation, and the updates you share, will all help later readers, and even current subscribers to this page. Just a quick update. I filed a dispute with the credit agencies soon after and all the collection records were pulled from my records on all three of the credit bureaus. Several of the creditors chose to delete the record themselves, others did not validate and were deleted. My credit report is now collection free!. This combined with the secured credit card has brought my score up from the range a month ago early Feb to a range in the high s to near depending upon which agency you pull a score from.

    Can you possible clear this up for me as to why they are showing it still in collections and Equifax is not? This account was last paid in Not sure exactly what month. It sounds like the collection fell off your Equifax report from age. TransUnion may have a different month set for it to fall off. Try to determine from the report when 7 and one half years is from when you stopped paying on the account. That is when most collections should fall off all of your credit reports. If Equifax got it right, but TransUnion shows the collector longer than it should, you can dispute the account with TU.

    Your awesome and very knowledgeable. I appreciate the response. Thanks again for the response. This multiple entry only showed up on the Transunion report, but not on Equifax or Experian. The original lender should show zero already if they sold the debt. Check to see the debt buyer updated your credit reports 60days or so after you paid the settlement agreement.

    My credit score is poor depending upon which agency scores it. The only heavy hitter not awake yet is the AZ Utility Bill which is not and never has been reported. Thanks for any insight! I would take a shot at one of the credit rebuild type of cards that Capital One offers rather than a secured card. I am often miffed at Cap One for collections practices, but they beat out most all other mid to large size credit card issuers when it comes to offering unsecured starter and rebuilding credit cards.

    This comment has been removed and re-purposed in a more complete post from Jason about why he was turned down for a Capital One unsecured card, and why he researched and chose to apply for the First Progress secured card to start rebuilding his credit score. Thanks for the detailed post about First Progress. It will help others who are rebuilding too. I am tempted to break out this comment into a new post. If you are up for it, send me an email with the above comment details, and add in more about your research and your over all situation so people know more about why you are rebuilding your credit , and I will post it as a new article.

    I would be glad to! I can see your big post. It did not go live because the site settings hold back comments with a link for manual approval. I am going to work on a post with your credit rebuilding review and put it up this weekend. I will send you an email when it goes live. Sounds good. I moved to Missouri in and then to Illinois in This debt is not showing up on any of my three credit reports as of Feb however about 9 months ago I received a mailing in Missouri from a collection agency regarding the debt.

    The debt was for an electric company. I had service in my name in Missouri without issue and when I moved to Illinois got a letter of good credit and payment record from them. My questions are: Is the SOL for collections based upon Arizona, where the company is based and service was provided or is it based upon my current state of residence. Is that correct? Is the collections reporting SOL nearly up for this debt? It thus far has never appeared or been reported.

    Should it suddenly appear will it remain now for 7. I have no real property and have been out of work due to medical issues for a year. The date you were considered delinquent is when the 7 and one half year clock starts ticking for the unpaid power bill to drop from your credit. That time frame does not change at all if it somehow shows up next month, whether you pay it or leave things as they are. If you were sued, it would be in IL in my experience. They cannot say they did not know you were not in AZ anymore, so I do not think any filing would happen there by mistake though that happens.

    Updates of newly reported settlements do tend to catch the eye of other debt collectors. If you are worried about your efforts to rebuild your credit, and are not sure what to do about the old utility bill, consider doing nothing for the moment. You could save money at every opportunity moving forward so that you are prepared to pay a settlement if the account shows up on your credit, or certainly if collections escalate.

    I cover your concern in this video about having to worry that doing the right thing can harm your credit more. Thank you so much for your response! So that I understand you correctly, no matter if the unpaid utility bill from Arizona which has never appeared suddenly appears on my credit report now the clock would have began ticking when I was first considered delinquent in April So seven and a half years on would be October If it appears, that would be the drop-off date in terms of the credit reporting SOL. The same holds true for any other collection efforts which might begin or reports appearing as a result of activity in my credit file.

    I must check to see if the delinquent date is past the reporting and also the actionable SOL. October it is no matter what. Anything on your credit that would try to make this drag out longer can be disputed and deleted. And on that note, keep good records or chronological notes in case you ever need to refer back to different details. There is no legitimate was to restart the clock in this situation.

    The only possible way it drags on is if you are sued and a judgment entered. That would be a new 7 years over the same debt, but on the public record section of your credit reports. I am not sure what to make of your medical bill question. Are you looking at your credit report? I had a cell phone account back in which I paid my last bill and then cancelled service. Now after almost 9 years a collection agency is sending me bills for deactivation charges for that account. I obviously do not have proof or receipts of that time so I am unsure what to do.

    I may have still been under contract but I did pay my last bill in full and cancelled the same day. I have been rebuilding my credit and it is improving gradually but I am afraid that this new development from nearly 9 years ago will jeopardize my credit. Is there anything on your credit reports about this bogus collection right now?

    If the account is 9 years in the rear view mirror there should be no reference on your credit,and you should not have to worry about it popping up. If this does show on your credit let me know and we can go from there.

    FICO Score - what does "derogatory public record or collection filed" mean?

    Which is when my credit finally started improving. Hi Michael, I am doing a report for school and I had to pull my credit report. There is a debt listing that says closed in It was GE credit, I paid it by settlement for the original amount owed minus the interest. I thought it should have dropped off in , but it shows an information update on January 24, ! It also shows closed but shows my payment is current every month from Feb when it should have dropped off to the end of and not reported for January yet. The amount shows zero but it still affects me I think because it shows an account closed by the creditor as still active this month.

    Please help me understand what to do. I would dispute this as too old to be on your credit reports. Be clear in your letter to the credit bureaus. Identify all dates and activities from back then and demand the account be deleted. Keep a copy of you letter and send it certified mail. Let me know what happens when they respond. Is it just one credit bureau that has your old settled GE Capital account showing now Synchrony? Hi I am intrigued by the information you have provided and have a similar question.

    So I have an original debt from to a payday lender that has since aged off my credit report about 6 months to a year ago. Well I received a call from a debt collector today trying to collect on that debt. I am not even sure if the amount they are reporting is correct as the debt is 10 years old. Can they put this back on my credit report and what legal options do I have. I find it funny that now that my credit report is virtually clean and that I am rebuilding my credit this comes back up.

    Please help if you can? You should not see something like this pop up on your credit reports again after it already aged off. If that were to happen post an update and we can go from there. Debt collectors can still legitimately try to collect from you, but after the SOL for credit reporting has passed, and once the SOL to sue has expired, they are limited to calls and letters.

    You can put an end to those too. You can send the debt collector a cease communication notice. Be sure you keep a copy of your letter and send certified mail. If you receive any collection calls or letters after that post an update. Hello Michael, I have a few debts over 10 years old that have surpassed the SOL and dropped off my credit report. While researching through the internet I became a little concerned though that paying this old debt might actually do more harm than good.

    You do not reset the credit reporting SOL by paying collection accounts such as yours. You would not impact the other 2 old collections that you are not settling. Honestly, before it was just a major feeling of moral obligation that I had to pay these debts back. I have 3 debts that continue to accruing interest. I feel like it might somehow come back to haunt me one day. If I send the collection agency a cease communication notice, on what grounds do I have to stand on, if any?

    Or do I simply just tell them to stop contacting me? If I were to do so, would they be able to sell the debt to another collector? And that collector to another and so forth and so forth? Or will they eventually go away? Also, I read somewhere that if I take a settlement offer that the money owed becomes taxable income and I would have to pay taxes on it? I am going to do a video for my You Tube channel about the morality of debt. You will appreciate the video. Those three collections are often referred to as Zombie debt. They are dead to the point of being uncolletable and cannot appear anywhere on your credit.

    Yes the collection agencies can still technically write to you and call you, but your right to tell them to cease communicating with you is federal law. Here is a good cease communication letter example. That letter is made publicly available by the CFPB, a federal consumer protection agency tasked with regulating debt collection laws. Many debt collectors do resell debt. Some of the big companies like Midland Funding and Portfolio Recovery Associates are no longer allowed to. I suspect that will become more normal not being able to resell. But the resale does not change the character of the debts.

    They are still zombies. You would likely resend the cease communication letter again to each new debt collector. This angle may change later too — where the last debt collector would be responsible for passing on to the new owner that you requested all communications to stop — as your legal right. If you settle a debt, and more than dollars is forgiven, the portion of the debt that is cancelled can be treated as income for some people. Be sure and read that article before moving forward with any settlement. I have never received any communication from any collection agency about owing money to anyone for any reason.

    Can you help me understand what I need to do to resolve this issue? I live in Reno, Nevada. Is yours a case of not knowing of any unpaid debt whatsoever, or are you aware of some bills that you could not keep up with from years ago? If you are not sure what the debt is for you will want to reach out to the debt collector in order to learn what you can.

    It could be an error that is showing up on your credit reports. I have been reading about the statute of limitations regarding the collection of a debt in my state. I live in California. In California, the law in my layman interpretation states California Cal.

    That is my question here. Does the statute start from the date of last payment, the date of the charge off? What if a payment was never made? Finally, what about when creditor or collection agency renews the debt after so many years seemingly giving new dates to the credit report agencies to renew debt? The SOL to use the courts to collect generally starts from the date you first missed a payment. If a payment was never made it would likely be the date one was first due but never made. There is no legitimate way to renew an unpaid debt for credit reporting purposes unless you are sued and a judgment gets entered has a whole new 7 year shelf life.

    You can renew the SOL to sue in some very limited ways, but that does not appear to be the question. You can dispute any later collection item that attempts to reage the debt as if it were a more recent collection item than it actually is. Be sure any dispute you file is consistent with your goals for resolving debts. It has since been removed from all my credit reports due to the age, however, I am wondering if this will still show up if I apply for a new auto loan?

    I had heard something that lenders can still access that history even if completely removed from all credit reports. Is this true? It is possible I suppose, but automated underwriting is likely not going to see it to factor loan approval and interest rates. And most lenders not just auto lenders use automated loan software. Here I am once again finding myself struggling with a difficult debt collector and just when I thought I had cleared up all erroneous information on my credit report. I just received a copy of my TransUnion credit report. Under adverse accounts, a debt collector is trying to collect on an account I know nothing about.

    When I tried to call and speak to them they would tell me nothing other than a charge off date of on an account opened in Federal Law, Man his words not mine. Luckily, the original creditor was on the credit report cell phone company. When I asked the debt collector for a phone number to the cell phone co, the original account number, etc.

    Federal Law, Man. And of course he used a couple of expletives, said that I was a possible drug addict when I told him I was homeless, threatened me with court action, and reporting the info to the two other credit report agencies. I told him I think someone might have stole my identity and opened up this account. I tried calling back several times to get more info only to be hung up on again and again.

    Why public records are different from other credit report items

    After speaking with the debt collector, I called TransUnion and filed a dispute for the adverse account. They told me they would investigate and get back to me within 30 days. My question is where do I go from here in the meantime? I also believe the debt collector is refiling the claim after every seven years…. What are the particulars you can share about the phone company reporting? What is the name of the debt collection agency the collector works for? What state are you in? Had a defaulted HSBC acct which was settled in full in HSBC reported correctly. Two different Cap1 banks are reporting the same acct to two different CRAs.

    Neither is reporting the date of default- have disputed many times- always comes back as verified Cap1 claimed, to CFPB, that removal date was june ; but still reporting as stated. Cap1 bought nothing and told the CFPB that they bought an account with a balance; but would not collect on it because it was settled in full.

    There does not appear to be any cases with rulings related to similar events. Would appreciate your comments. I would refile a complaint with the CFPB about the prior complaint response where Capital One said they would delete in June, but still have not. I would also consult with an experienced FCRA consumer law attorney and see if they think this is worth pursuing. I can email you contact info to attorneys in your area that specialize in this if you post the name of a nearby larger city. I sent you an email with contact details to an experienced attorney you can talk to about your credit reporting issue.

    Let me know how you progress. I have a question on whether I should dispute something on my credit report or not. I was never in a financial position to make any payments or negotiate with the collection agency, so I have never spoken with or contacted them. The original creditor is not even listed on the 3 credit reports anymore, as I disputed that it was being listed twice the original creditor and the collection agency and it was removed recently.

    The collection agency has had the account since , but it does not list the last payment date or anything along those lines from Please let me know! I would dispute the debt collectors entry as not accurate. You may hear from them about collection again, but the SOL to sue on this debt is up in Virginia, and it should fall off your credit reports soon. Just that it was repossessed in October , and if my memory serves me correctly, it was unpaid for a number of months before it was taken.

    Not sure if this info helps at all. Most of them show up as due to age off December I have a judgment that was entered in May It shows up as public record along with two bad trade lines that are associated with it, one was a repossession and the other was an unsecured loan, both are from the same creditor. These two are killing my score because they are showing as open charge offs, 30 days late, but it does show in the payment history that I sent my last payment at the end of My questions are these: if I pay off the judgement now, will it reset the age off date on the two bad trade lines? Should I just wait for the actual accounts to fall off before paying off the judgment?

    Thanks in advance. Paying off or settling the judgment will not reset any dates for the other collection entries to age off of your credit reports. I would not wait until the original charge offs and repossessions fall off your credit before negotiating the judgment. The judgment debt is likely growing from interest.

    If you can afford to resolve it now you will often save more money. The judgment is going to turn up when you go to finance a home, and regardless of whether it is on your credit reports or not. The judgment normally needs to be resolved before you get a loan approved. My first goal would be to resolve the judgment and get that updated to show as satisfied. Only after I get the judgment dealt with would I mess with disputing or applying for credit.

    I have a Citifinancial account from due to the construction crash my income dropped drastically and i have been unable to pay. The last payment i made to them was March It is due to come off my credit January My husband and i went through a christian debt counselor to clear up our bills we owed and have been able to do so with everything except Citifinancial. Our counselor has contacted Citi to see what we could do to get this account cleared up seeing as it is the only one left. They have no record any longer of my account or who has it.

    I have not been contacted by anyone in years nor is anything other than Citifinancial on my credit report. What would be the best way to handle this account because we are still currently paying into the debt counselor account and they have offered to go ahead and close the account and refund us the full amount in our account but i dont want 2 months or more to go by and all of sudden i start getting contacted by someone representing them.

    I am in the state of Georgia and am pretty sure they statue of limitations is close at hand. Please help. How long ago was it that your other accounts were taken care of? Have there been any recent credit reporting inquiries by known debt collectors? How much was the balance owed to Citi Financial when you stopped paying? Is there a balance showing as due to Citi Financial right now on your credit reports, or does it show as zero balance due? Hello, I live in Florida and about 5 years ago T-Mobile approved me to cancel my account with penalty fees as my area was not serviceable.

    Years later I am receiving letters from debt collectors trying to collect money from the closed T-Mobile account. My main issue is that I am unsure whom to contact about this issue, the T-Mobile account is closed completely. I really would love to remove this inquiry off my credit report as it has negatively impacted my credit for many years and would love to rebuild my credit. Any advice would suffice, thank you in advance. If it were me, my first approach would be to put together a chronology of events that begins with opening the account, and on through to when approximately the account was closed for lack of service etc.

    I would want to send a credit report dispute to all of the credit bureaus that the debt is not valid, but also include a dispute or notification of a sort to any debt collectors that are currently trying to get you to pay. Once you have the chronology and dates of all that took place together, you can call me for a quick consult at , choose option 2 to get me direct.

    Where Derogatory Records Come From

    Thank you for your answer, there was a typo in my original comment. Can you confirm the date you last made a payment to anyone about this account? From thru , our bank accounts were accessed by a third party. This was reported to the banks the credit card companies.

    In April, our bank verified the illegal access to our accounts had occurred for 18 months and they would make the attempt to close the breach, which included data stored in their system. Subsequently, we learned that our accounts were accessed through the Quicken Online Banking application used by our bank. We even sent documentation and over a thousand files to the Department of Justice. In April, , a 41 page affidavit was sent to each creditor, the FTC and the DOJ, documenting the fraud and demanding a full audit of access and transactions on our accounts.

    This included our mortgage account. Oddly, each banking institution, refused to respond. We had been told we had the right to withhold payments until such legal request was satisfied. Since no responses were received, the accounts became long past-due and finally we decided not to pay on the subject accounts. Not a single creditor, other than our fraudulent mortgage holder, made any attempts to collect.

    Those debts sold to third party collectors, in each and every case, were dropped by the collectors based upon the documents provided to them. These items appear on our credit reports by the original debtors. Having been residents in Virginia, they became legally uncollectable after 36 months, yet Bank of America and CapitalOne keep reporting balances due each month thereby reducing our credit scores by showing current delinquencies.

    I have repeatedly requested deletion based upon suspicion of potential fraud as well. The mortgage is another long story. The CFPB has been useless. Any ideas?. Late student loan payments can start to hurt your credit after 30 days for private student loans and 90 days for federal student loans, and those delinquencies stay on your credit report for seven years. And the government has strong debt-collection powers: It can garnish your wages, Social Security benefits or tax refunds. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay on your reports for 10 years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy sticks around for seven years.

    What to do: Begin to reestablish credit. And note that credit scores can rebound from bankruptcy sooner than you may think. If you fail to make payments on your home and the bank seizes it, the foreclosure will be reported to the credit bureaus and the mark will stay on your credit reports for seven years. You want to build up all the positive payment information you can. Note that the waiting period after foreclosure is shorter than in the past, so keep polishing your credit and you could re-enter the housing market sooner than you expected. At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

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