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The applicant must be one of the three persons listed on the birth certificate. You must come into the the health department to receive the copy of your birth certificate.

Download Application. For children under the age of 1 year, corrections can be made to given names on birth certificates. Upon receipt of a notarized affidavit, the Division of Vital Records will issue a corrected birth certificate free of charge.

pawsrutinly.tk Contact the Health Department or the Division of Vital Records to determine if you meet the requirements for a change, and to obtain a copy of the Affidavit form. Main Number : Death Certificates for people who died after January Birth Certificates may be issued to the person, parents, or guardians.

Birth Certificates. Procedure for obtaining a copy of a Birth Certificate:. Be the parent or legal guardian of the person referred to in the Birth Certificate. Cash, Debit or Credit. Reisterstown Plaza, B Reisterstown Road.

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Baltimore, MD Death Certificates. Procedure for obtaining a copy of a Death Certificate :.