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The biggest selling point is that it allows children to visit with incarcerated parents without the stress and trauma of being brought to a jail facility, Phillips said. For the sheriff's department, the system will take less manpower to manage than on-site visits.

Phillips estimated several hundred visitors arrive at the Polk County Jail each week. About two years ago officials expanded visiting hours to the weekends to keep up with demand. The average daily population in the Polk County Jail's in is ; the average length of stay is 46 days.

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Allowing inmates greater access to their families has shown in several studies to improve inmates' behavior in jail and help them readjust when they are released, officials said. Officials will repay the company, iWebVisit. Nine other agencies nationwide use iWebVisit.

Polk County inmates can have two minute visits a day through the system, as opposed to two minute in-person visits per week. Visits with friends and family will be monitored, officials said. As a result, the Polk County Sheriff's Office seeks to open a new space for difficult inmates. The bed unit would provide cells for aggressive inmates who need to be isolated from the general population, and require 15 additional detention officers. Inmate programs available.

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Bridges of Iowa is a non-profit group that conducts a substance abuse treatment program. The Poly County jail has permitted Bridge of Iowa to make use of the unoccupied space in the jail complex to conduct their treatment program. The program has been successful and has produced positive results in treating cases of substance abuse.

Awareness and education of substance abuse are also conducted at the jail for inmates.

The Polk County jail has a number of programs and classes for inmates. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous conduct weekly meetings for those inmates who want to give up their addiction to alcohol and narcotic substances. The jail offers a parenting program in association with Lutheran Service, Iowa. A health education program is conducted in the jail for inmates to raise awareness about health issues and prevention, this is done in conjunction with the Polk County health department.

Strong Body, Proud Lives is a planned parenthood program conducted in jail. This is done in association with Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa.

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The following programs are conducted for inmates, in association with the Des Moines Area Community college:. The substance abuse education program is conducted by Prison health services.

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Inmates are also encouraged to start their own business once they come out of jail, and a local entrepreneur conducts a small business training program for inmates. Inmate pastoral visits are also provided.

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On release, inmates are given assistance that includes a clothing closet in the jail premises and a bus token program. A handbook is given to all inmates to explain the Inmates Release Program.

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At present, there are 1, in-facility inmates in Polk County jail. Of these, are males and are females. There are also 41 boarded-out inmates, of which 35 are adult males and 6 are juvenile males. The total count of the jail is 1, A total of of the total inmates are federal inmates.

The contact number of the jail is and the administration contact number is To search for an inmate in the Polk County jail inmate database, you can perform an online inmate search in one of the following ways:. Official Polk County jail inmate database — Polk County provides information about inmates in the facility. You can find an inmate in the Polk County jail inmate database by searching for their first name and last name. The Polk County jail inmate database also provides the booking date of inmates within the facility, so you will be able to find the inmate that you are searching for based on several parameters.

The website specifies that Polk County Jail records of arrest are not proof or indicators of guilt and that they cannot not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Online inmate search — if you do not want to search for inmates in the Polk County jail inmate database, you can perform an online inmate search with a directory, like GoLookUp.

To perform the search, you will need to enter the name of a person into the Polk County jail inmate database search, and the directory will provide you with all the information that you need, including their booking date, and whether they are held in the Polk County Jail. The GoLookUp portal performs an in-depth search and grants you unlimited access to all relevant criminal records, mugshots, sex offender records, background check, or anything else that is related to the inmate lookup you are performing.

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There are also free background check directories that can provide you with information about Polk county Iowa jail inmates. However, unlike GoLookUp, not all directories can give you information about the people who are incarcerated in Polk County jail. Because public records search websites do not have full access to public records, like criminal records.

So, to find Polk county Iowa jail inmates, you need to use the official Polk County website or a professional background check site such as GoLookUp.

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