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The links provided will connect you to the best website for the record search, provide details about the record, or provide contact information for those records without search capabilities. Additional New Mexico public records links can be found on our New Mexico county and city level pages using the navigation links above.

New Mexico Criminal Records

Although most states provide similar types of public records, each state will have records specific to its location or form of government. The New Mexico Commission of Public Records preserves, protects and facilitates access to public records held in trust for the people of New Mexico.

Using the website you can review all adopted rules by the State of New Mexico, search New Mexico Administrative Code, search historical records, historical people, places and stories including tracing your genealogy. New Mexico Statutes Chapter Interference with Athletic Event, reads: Interference with athletic event consists of intentionally throwing any object on or across the field of play of an athletic event with the intent to interfere with the normal conduct of that event while the contestants of that event are on that field.

New Mexico allows adult criminal records to be expunged only in very limited circumstances.

Any person other than an official or a contestant of an athletic event who commits interference with an athletic event is guilty of a petty misdemeanor. The Fair Credit Reporting Act "FCRA" is a federal law that promotes the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. OnlineSearches does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the FCRA.

OnlineSearches cannot be used for background checks related to consumer credit, insurance, employment, housing or any other prohibited under the FCRA.

Find out more about the FCRA here. Public Records Search. Search Public Records by Name.

Expungement in New Mexico if You Were Not Convicted of a Crime

First Name:. Last Name:. Other New Mexico Public Records Although most states provide similar types of public records, each state will have records specific to its location or form of government. New Mexico statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses.

From the U.

Census Bureau. Search the New Mexico Attorney General's registry of charitable organizations. Search by charity name, city, or zip code.

Database contains addresses of some locations in New Mexico where law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites. Links to state and local court records, general New Mexico court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in New Mexico. This office handles New Mexico and West Texas. Search New Mexico professional engineers and professional surveyors licenses by profession type of license, status of license, license number or name.

View New Mexico environmental maps including groundwater, hazardous waste facilities, active landfills, topographic maps, and more. View New Mexico environmental programs such as air quality, drinking water, ground water, and more.

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View New Mexico food safety programs such as recalls, permits, regulations, recalls, and more. Search the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website by name, city, date range or physical description. View New Mexico Corrections Department most wanted persons by name including photo, age, physical description and charges. Search the New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners records of licensed physicians by name or license number.

Renew an existing New Mexico professional license, submit name or address changes, or request a duplicate license online by license number or registration code. Search New Mexico professional licensing records by name, profession, license type, license status or license number.

New Mexico Criminal Records

View New Mexico information about school programs, school facts, school district policies and school district websites. Search New Mexico State Archive historical records by keyword, title, collection number, type of material, subject name, or date range. View New Mexico information about delinquent tax sales and view upcoming county sale dates. Search Western States Marriage Database for marriage records ranging from the pre s to the s by groom name, bride name, and state and county.

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Return to Top. State of New Mexico Home Page. Bids and Requests for Proposals. However, individual states may pass laws which require more disclosures. Many states do have different background check requirements when employees will be working with children or seniors.

What are New Mexico employment background check laws?

This is why you need to review your individual state law to know what will be included in your background check. Learn more about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Yes, Caregiverlist offers you the ability to purchase your own background check from the leading provider in the industry. A credit bureau may report the following matters for no longer than the specified periods: 5 arrests and indictments pending trial, or convictions of crimes for not longer than seven years from date of release or parole.

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Such items shall no longer be reported if at any time it learned that after a conviction a full parson has been granted, or after an arrest or indictment a conviction did not result; and 6 any other data not otherwise specified in this section, for not longer than seven years. View Services by State.